Bid of Córdoba for WHBPC '19

Cordoba waits for you in September 2019


Who we're:

Córdoba Bici Polo We are a club with just 4 years old, being characterized by our fellowship and predisposition as a group we have at the time of realizing tournaments, supporting always to other clubs and assisting to their main events, where we share and exchange ideas in pursuit of the growth of this sport for all of us! Our club hosted the 6th Bike Polo Argentinian National Tournament 2015, the “CoPoio” Open Tournament 2016, the Argentinian Bike Polo Open 2017, the “Infernal” Open Tournament 2018, and we are in the second season of our league -Liga Cordobesa- with monthly games. Abroad we’ve been in the 7th WHBPC-Lexington 2017 (US), the Ladies Army 9 Co-ed Squad 2017 (Grand Rapids, US). Since 2015 we’ve participated of every Latin American tournament, “Loquito” 2015 (Quito, Ecuador), Rosario 2016 (Argentina), Guadalajara 2017 (México), we’ve been in the “Entrevero” Open South-American Tournament (Porto Alegre, Brazil) this year and we’re preparing for the next Latin American Tournament Bogotá 2018 (Colombia). In those events we are constantly looking to generate fraternity with other clubs and improve our competitive level.

About the city:

Córdoba, located in the center of Argentina, has many mixtures; the Jesuit Córdoba, with ancient constructions from before 1800; and the academical Córdoba, plenty of young and advance-guard. Thanks to its location you can be in the beatiful mountain ranges in less than an hour.


The city counts with the International Airport "Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella", which has daily traffic of all these airlines. Also counts with daily flights to and from Buenos Aires City (Argentina's capital city). Bus station has connections to all bordering countries. And if you want an adventurous trip, you could take the train from Buenos Aires City. It's a slow service and very demanded, for which you have to take your tickets with anticipation.

Map with information of interest


September usually has warmth weather since we are about to enter the Spring.


Tournament format

  • Game format (3v3 or squad) will be chosen according to the community vote.
  • The WHBPC will be developed in 7 days, with 1 day of rest between the group phase and brackets phase. Will also depends on the community vote (3v3 or squad).
  • Wildcard will be developed in 2 days
  • We will seek to reevaluate the places per region in order to be able to add more in to the WHBPC.


Ruleset will be subject to what is chosen in the community vote.



Courts for the WHBPC will be placed in the WorldCup Stadium Mario Alberto Kempes facilities, which will give to the tournament an attractive view and a sports atmorphere.

  • We will have 4 courts of 40mx20m, illuminated, with great grip on smoothed asphalt.
  • Perimeter will be made of phenolic wood, with a height of 1,2m with access to the courts situated behind goals.
  • Main court will count with live streaming


  • Toilet
  • Showers
  • Safe room for bikes
  • Shade and rain cover
  • Grandstand at the main court

Food on the court:

  • Every player will have free breakfasts
  • Free water and fruit supply
  • Food trucks nearby


  • First 20 inscribed teams will have free accomodation in a municipal shelter at the General San Martin Natural Reserve. (Map: item 2)
  • There are several accomodation options near the courts (> 5km), where is also contemplated the chance to camp for the rest of the inscribed players and companions, provided with toilets and bathrooms; hotels and hostels.
  • The crew of Córdoba Bici Polo will also offer their homes to accommodate players.


Contact us:



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